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What others say about me


In need of someone to help you make your dreams come true? Oscar is considered a winning financial advisor in Venezuela. He left his country, learned two languages in a single year and decided to build his new life right here, in Québec! Do you have challenges awaiting you? Let him share his unique insights with you!
ALAIN SAMSON, Famous speaker and author of several books including “Make your own LUCK”

Oscar is a person who inspires my admiration. For me, he is a constant source of motivation because he is a person who drives me and motivates me. He is a great Coach and I'm pretty sure he is and will become one of the best Coaches in the business world. I feel that his story will be written and my words will be backed up....

Mr. Oscar Lopez has given me the best and most appropriate knowledge and experiences, which have allowed me to better manage my business and to continue to improve the service I render to customers and partners. I generally see Mr. Oscar Lopez as an entrepreneur and an innovator, who is always thinking about ways and things to motivate others through leadership.

Oscar has been an excellent leader and a guide in all the activities that I had to do in my job, with great generosity, understanding and friendship.

Oscar is a true friend who has always been by my side helping me in obtaining my goals. Through his objectivity and words of wisdom, he has allowed me to think bigger, beyond my expectations. Most importantly, he has showed me that I am the only one responsible for the choices I make. He has helped me in managing the excellent group of professionals that I supervise.

Mr. Oscar is without a doubt an asset wherever he goes. I highly recommend him; he is a true leader, motivator and supporter.

Oscar has encouraged me to strive for my goals, giving me more confidence. He is someone to look up to. He is simply excellent.

Oscar is an exemplary leader and very proactive. As a Coach, he effectively conveys information and experiences for professional and personal improvement.

He’s a real Coach. Oscar Lopez has undoubtedly contributed to my professional development process. He has been commissioned to create new possibilities of being and doing, in order to improve day by day.

Oscar is driven by something that I could only describe as "self-motivation". He is able to get the very best out of you and use it in a positive way. I am quite sure that his self-motivation is going to take him to other spheres. He is definitely worth watching.

Oscar is an excellent leader. He motivates his groups into achieving the objectives, by providing the necessary tools for continuous learning and skills improvement. He also has a great ability to communicate.


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Wisdom for Life

  • "There is no man living who isn't capable of doing more than he thinks he can do."
    - Henry Ford

    "Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up"
     - Thomas Edison